Christmas Greenery

December 12, 2011

I hope everyone had a great weekend!  We had a busy weekend but the best part was I actually got to sleep in on Saturday and Sunday!  We also baked lots of cookies, watched some Christmas movies and as crazy as it sounds for people who know me decorated a little bit more for Christmas!

(Country Living  –  Simple but stunning!)

Drew and I put a few lights outside and lets just call it like it is, we were feeling inadequate to our other neighbors who hung up lights. So we strung some lights around the door and some of the trees. Which makes me wonder white lights or colored lights?  Can you guess which ones I like?


(Style at Home – Greenery, ornaments, silver BAM!)

(Country Living – A bucket with some trees, who knew?)

Which makes me want to know if you use fake greenery or real greenery throughout your home for the holidays?

(Martha Stewart)

(Niagra Novice – Proves my point that everything looks better under a glass dome!)

Up until this year I’ve always used real but this year I decided to used a combination of both.  For the garland around our front door I decided to buy a 20-foot strand garland with pre-lit lights and combined it with the real garland.  The strand looks more substantial plus I didn’t have to mess with stringing the lights around the garland.  Win!  Win!

(Love, love, love paperwhites!)

So I want to know what’s your preference real or fake???  White lights or colored ones???

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