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January 20, 2012

This week has flown by for me but it seems like the older Sloan gets (13) the faster time goes by!  I’m sure it’s not fast enough for her though, she’s in the 8th grade and is so ready for high school to begin!  Anyways, I’ve been busy getting things ready for my booth at the antique mall in Carmel.

The area I’ll be in is a home decor area so the items aren’t necessarily antiques but there is some great items in this area!  I’ll be selling furniture and other home decor items that I have repurposed and some furniture that is not and I will offer to sell it as is or have it redone to a client’s specifications.

Once the booth is set up I will for sure post photos!  Of course if you ever see anything you like I can ship it to you too!

Today I wanted to show you what the booth looks like right now with the other vendor’s items.

Let’s just say…this isn’t my particular style.  I can’t wait to show the before and after photos!!

On the home front I’m not doing very much, just a little organizing because January always seems to bring out the OCD in me.  My husband and I did a purge in our closet this month and sent about 3 bags to the Goodwill.  Our closet is pretty big but it just has the typical standard shelves in it.  My dream closet will look something like this…

(Pinterest-Actual Source Unknown)

Oh how I would love display shelves for my purses!!

(Elements of Style)

Unfortunately the closet makeover is way on the bottom of the list to do and in the meantime I needed to find a way to store the “few” purses that I have.

I store my small clutches in small cloth bins but decided to purchase some silver shower hooks for my larger purses so they could be hung and I could readily see them.

I love that I’m able to see all my purses and not have to dig through a basket anymore.  I change my purse a lot and a tip for doing that is I actually have a small Marc Jacobs bags that I carry everything in and put the bag inside the purse, makes for a quick swap!

It’s not the prettiest I know but sometimes it’s making do for the time being and this will work for now!  Especially since 2 sets of shower hooks cost less then $3.00!

Have a great weekend!!

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