Another Chair

Another Chair

Besides loving pillows I think I may have a slight chair obsession too!

I bought the chair awhile back and it sat in my garage until I figured out what I wanted to do with it.  Finally I decided to have a little fun with it.

Here is the before…

I fell in love with the frame, the cushion…not so much!

A little spray paint (maybe a lot) some extra batting to fluff it up, some new fabric and a trip to have this baby upholstered (yea it’s one thing I don’t even attempt if I plan on selling it) and here’s the final result!


This little girl (again it’s a she) is going to be at my new booth space this week if you want to visit. ¬†I’m sure she’d love a new home!!


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  1. You won’t believe this… just three days ago I saw a chair just like this one at a thrift shop. A couple of the springs were broken and I wimped out of buying it. After seeing your beautiful chair, I wish I had picked it up! I just started my blog a few days ago. Hope you have a chance to visit!

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