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February 2, 2012

Last year for spring break we went to Hilton Head and took a day trip to Savannah, which happened to be my favorite part of our vacation.  There is so much history to the city, the homes and gardens are so beautiful and we took a lot of photos.

Here are 2 of the photos that my husband took while we were there.





I loved them so much that I decided to display them in our bedroom.  It’s so easy to make photos into art to use in your home.  I simply downloaded the photos, then cleaned them up with Photoshop and also decided to turn them into black and white photos.  Then I went online to Fed Ex/Kinkos and had the photos blown up to poster size.  Not only was it very affordable (less then $40.00 for both) it only took a few days for them to deliver the photos.

The result…(click result for secretary makeover post)

I love seeing these photos everyday and remembering our vacation and I love knowing that my husband took these beautiful photos!  So much better then store bought artwork don’t ya think?!!

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