Design Faux Pas

February 8, 2012

Ok…first I need to say these are my opinions, it’s my blog my opinion, you’re free to tell me you don’t agree and I’ll be all…to each their own and with that being said you won’t change my mind on how I believe some things just shouldn’t happen in the home when it comes to design.

I feel like the first is a 50/50 thing some people love it and do it, some people don’t.  I’m talking about the karate chop.  I’ve seen super popular blogs like Apartment Therapy have hundreds of comments on the topic.  I fall into the I don’t like the karate chop.

(Apartment Therapy)

Although it might be fun taking out some anger on your pillows I just find the whole activity of chopping all the pillows in your home a bit comical.


I love the look in the photo above, it’s as if the pillows were just scattered haphazardly on the couch.  (Even if we all know they weren’t!)

Another thing I hate, probably the most is overhead lighting.

I mean seriously the lights on the ceiling should never be turned on unless a dimmer is involved.  I’d only use candles if it were up to me another plus to not turning on your lights above …you can hide how dusty the house is!  (Ummmm…not that I would know, ha!)

(Bedroom Design Tips)

I like the photo above and I like using lots of different lighting in my rooms.  Seriously I use lots of lighting for all different purposes, candles, task, chandeliers on a dimmer, lighting behind a lamp, it goes on and on.  Different lighting creates a mood in the room and when you just use the overhead source the room just sorta ends up looking flat.

The last thing I don’t care for is when a room is too trendy.


This room was done by Ivanka Trump for a magazine shoot and I usually don’t bag on people but I think she won’t lose any sleep if I come out and say the room is pretty awful, I mean zebra stripes, cheetah prints, ceramic animals, geometric, tribal, acrylic, repurposing old furniture, sorry this is just overkill, it’s like your eyes are going everywhere and there’s no place for them to stop.

I love a good trend, I find myself wanting to use them all too but there is a right way and a wrong way.  Below is the right way.  (In my opinion.)

(Home Spaces)

We’ve got an oversized piece of artwork, suzani pillows, a pop of orange, there are many more trendy elements but the room works because it’s mixed with pieces that are timeless like the coffee table, the neutral couch and the traditional fireplace.

So there you have it, agree or disagree if you’d like or tell me what design elements drive you crazy or which ones do you love?

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    1. Spot on with all of your faux pas! I am also usually not one to be negative about someone’s space, but the Ivanka space also has metallic walls it appears. Wow, so much visual stimulation in that room! The bedroom image is very nice!

    1. Too funny Samantha, there was so much going on in that room I didn’t even notice the walls!!!

    1. Laurie, where can I buy furniture with COLOR. Overstuffed chairs
      with red prints, vintage. I am so sick of going into a furniture store and being tanned, beiged and browned to death. Where is the wild stuff? Jill

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