Making Your Home Not Look Like A Catalog

February 9, 2012

I’ve mentioned this before but looking through catalogs are always a great place to get design inspiration from and if you think outside of the box you can learn that even if you don’t like the design aesthetic of a certain store or their catalog or if you want to break free from having your house look like what people dub a “Pottery Barn catalog” (not that there is anything wrong with that), you can still use items from these big brand stores and make them look entirely different and your own.  Also it’s pretty safe to say that if these products are in one of these big name catalogs they are in style right now so think outside of the box and go for something similar like I’ve shown in the examples below.

Today I got the Crate and Barrel and the CB2 catalog in the mail and I noticed alot of things that I like maybe just in a different way.

There is no doubt that modern artwork is way huge right now.

Here’s how Crate and Barrel shows it off.



Here’s another way to show it off.

(Kate Spade – Photographed by Eric Morin)

Another popular item…CB2 calls it the peekaboo table.

I call it acrylic furniture and I love it!

(Vanessa DeVargas)

Entertaining is big now too and here’s Crate and Barrel showing off the bar car.

Here’s another way to do it.  (I think everyone has done a bar cart post, but I’d love to know if anyone is really entertaining or are we all just obsessed with Mad Men, or am I the only one obsessed with Mad Men?)

(Jennifer Boles)

Anyways, this is just a few examples of using ideas you see in a catalog and making them your own.

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    1. I love the bedroom too, Kate Spade can do no wrong in my book!

    1. I actually aspire to make my room look catalog-like. A girl can dream. I don’t like clutter, so I don’t really like the second bar… too much of its contents are showing for my liking, but I like how it looks at the top with the alcohol content in decorative glass bottles with cups that are in bold accent colors. I did some Crate & Barrel home decor shopping recently. Taking it one step at a time towards a catalog bedroom.

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