Tips for Relieving Stress

February 14, 2012

Ok, so maybe today’s post isn’t completely design related but I thought I’d share with you a glimpse into “Laurie World.”  If I’m going to be real then I must confess lately I’ve been a bit stressed out. (Anyone else ever suffer from anxiety attacks?)  It’s hard to admit this because I’m the type of person who really tries to focus on the many blessings I have but sometimes I feel like I’m on overload.

I was at an all weekend volleyball tournament this past weekend and a parent I were comparing 13 year old teenage girl stories.  (I was relieved to learn I’m not the only one struggling!)  Anyways he told me something he and his wife do and it sorta gave me the Oprah ah ha moment.  The rule in their house is that all the phones get put on a main charging station at 10:00 p.m.  I instantly loved this idea and decided to enforce this rule in our house.  One of the reasons is someone who will remain nameless has been caught texting after 10:00 p.m.  The main reason however is that I have been having a very, very hard time sleeping at night and what I end up doing is playing on my phone, which completely defeats the purpose of shutting down.

Another stress reliever for me has been deleting my Facebook account from my phone.  This way it gives me a break from reading about weather updates, religious postings and a lot of whining and complaining (all which cause me stress out).

Today I went out and bought 4 new chargers for our charging station that is in our laundry room.  (Am I the only one always losing these adapters?)  The rule is the chargers stay in the charging station.  I also bought a very small battery operated travel alarm clock for the side of my bed.  I hate the look of alarm clocks so now I can just put this little clock in my drawer when I don’t need it.  (I told you the inside of my head is silly, the ugliness of a big alarm clock would stress me out!)

Here’s what the charger looked like tonight minus my phone that I used to take the photo.  I’m going to try my best to make this a habit for the family and I hope we can all start to get a good nights sleep!

Does anyone else have any stress relieving tips they’d like to share?  I’ve got a few more in the works and once they are in place I’ll let you know!


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    1. I think what you are doing is a great start. I know you….you need “down time” where you don’t have to communicate with anyone. And, I think it is especially important for our teenagers. They have enough social stress without FB/cell/text etc.

      Hmmm…wonder who will break the rule first…mother or daughter 😉

      FYI…try yoga and a glass of wine. I tried my first yoga class last night and I was so relaxed just after 1 class..amazing! The wine didn’t hurt either

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