Friday Ramblings

Friday Ramblings

This week I worked on my booth.  In case you missed it you can read it here or here.

I also did a lot of sitting around because I was watching a lot of volleyball.

As much as I love watching Sloan play volleyball it’s a little hard for me to sit for 2 days straight.  During the times Sloan wasn’t playing I was able to finish this.

Now I’ve always fought jumping on bandwagons and accepting that I’m middle age, I mean I refuse to drive a mini van and I hated Twilight but seriously I have loved this freakin’ series!

I’ve also been working with our contractor getting together a list of projects I want done on the house.  There won’t be a lot going on this year to the inside of the house though because we have big plans for the outside.  We’re having the whole house painted and stained and I’m having one of these built over the garage doors.

(The Old Painted Cottage)

I don’t know if you remember my post on Lilly’s dog house but this is the color the whole house will be.  It needs to be painted desperately, the builder’s used the cheap builder’s grade paint so unfortunately this is the type of project I hate doing.  I like doing fun projects because I decided I wanted it to be done!!!  Boo to maintenance!!

Sloan’s formal dance is today and the girls always take their shoes off at the dance so I bought a pair of flip flops and decorated them for her.  (I’ll show you next week.)  While I was at the craft store I spotted some pom poms and did this for Sloan while she was gone at school.

It was super simple I just used some nylon thread and strung the poms onto it while I watched my dvr’d Modern Family and The Middle.

(Notice the skull Liz?)  This was supposed to be a gag gift from Sloan’s godfather, she ended up loving it!!

I love that even though she’s growing up she still gets excited when I surprise her and I love that she’s a girly girl!

Have a great weekend!!

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  1. The skull looks cool in her room…very bohemian…Garry will be sooo disappointed 😉

    The paint and new garage pergula will totally transform your house…you will be so surprised. You’ll fall in love with it all over again.

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