Pillow Talk

February 22, 2012

I was hoping to show off a cute vignette in our basement but unfortunately the weather didn’t cooperate with me and the shots would of ended up dark.  It’s gloomy in Indy!

So instead my obsession of pillows.

(Style at Home)

I have a few questions.  Do you have a lot of pillows on your bed? Are those pillows just to make the bed pretty or do you actually use them?  Do you use European pillows?

I have lots of pillows as you can easily see below.  They are only to make the bed look pretty, although Drew hasn’t quite learned that rule yet.  Not only do we have a lot of pillows that look pretty we also have a lot of pillows we keep in our closet and put on the bed at night.  (Seems like a lot of work right?) Drew and I both have 2 very large pillows, a smaller pillow  and I have a body pillow, and can you believe our mattress has a pillow top?  (I told you I love pillows!)  I recently bought 3 european shams and I like it because I like the rule of odds so three large pillows that fit nicely across the king bed works perfectly for my OCD (obsessive compulsive designing).

(Most of my bedding is from Rachel Ashwell’s Shabby Chic Line at Target.  The other pieces were bought from Home Goods and Kohls (yea Kohls, I know, they’re the Vera Bradley collection and it’s actually extremely nice.)

Here’s hoping for a sunny day today so I can play with my new camera and get that vignette I promised you!

Don’t forget to comment below and let me know your pillow situation on your bed!

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Also you should check out The Everygirl today & show them some love! (It’s their big launch day!)  It looks like it going to be fun & cool.  How can it not it’s based out of Chicago my favorite city ever!!

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