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March 1, 2012

I’ve teased and yapped about my office enough and today I’m finally showing you what it looks like.  Like anyone knows this space is probably going to change but for now it’s done and it’s time to move onto a new room.  (Hopefully the dining room.)

The space is an open small area that is on our second floor.  It’s an odd space too and very hard to photograph so bear with me!

When we first moved in I immediately painted one of the walls black.  I would’ve liked to painted the whole space black but since it’s open and the walls are so funny they connect with almost all the other walls upstairs if that makes sense.

Unfortunately this is the only before picture I have of the space.  The desk has since been sold (shocker) and the elephant has been moved to another room.

I wanted the space to have some color to it, a lot of my rooms don’t so I wanted to try something different.  Step outside of my box, I guess you’d say.

The desk was a auction find.  I painted the piece red and sprayed the hardware silver.  The file cabinet is from Ikea and I hacked it.  You can read about it here.

The gallery wall has changed a few times since I put it up.  The frames started out white but I decided I’m over all white frames.  All the “art” that is up means something to me, one is a painting Sloan did when she was in 2nd grade, one is a really tacky print of flowers Sloan bought me in an even tackier frame, that I threw out, she bought it for me when she was in 1st grade at Santa’s workshop and was so proud to give it to me because she knew how much I loved decorating the house.  There is also a hand drawn picture of Sloan that was done by a street artist while I was visiting my best friend in Arizona.

I’m a big believer in surrounding yourself with items that mean something and if you look closely all the items on the bottom of my shelf are all beautiful crafts Sloan has made me through the years.

You can see by this photo how small this space is and how it is open to the rest of the second floor.  My campaigner bookshelf has all (ok most) of my design books and again lots of sentimental things.

The black ottoman stores just a small collection of my fabric swatches.

I know lots of photos right?! Just one more I promise!

So there you have it my small little office!!  If you want to read some past post on the office you can read them here or here and last but not least here.

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    1. I love the color of the desk! What paint/color did you use?

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