Mirror for the Booth

March 6, 2012

Yea, I know the title isn’t too original but I’m thinking I’m in a bit of a funk decorating-wise. Anyone get like this? I’ve been on project overload and I think I need a little break.

I found this mirror at the Salvation Army awhile back and it’s been sitting on my garage. Sometimes my pieces sit in my garage for a long time because I can’t figure out what to do with them.

I was in Home Depot last week and I was looking at Martha Stewart’s paint colors and I saw one that caught my eye.

It’s called plumage and I think it’s to die for and knew it would look great on the mirror.

 This piece is so heavy it took Sloan and I both to carry it to the car and upstairs to my space.  They honestly do not make pieces like this anymore and I actually paid way more then I usually do when it comes to Salvation Army, but it was worth it.  I actually wanted to keep the piece but seriously I think people must think I’m pretty vain to begin with because I already have so many darn mirrors in my house!

Seriously though one of the key things when it comes to my booth is I buy things I would totally love for my house, I figured if it doesn’t eventually sell I’m more then happy to put it in my house!!

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    1. The mirror is gorgeous, Laurie!! Love the color! I really MUST get to your new space and BUY SOME STUFF!!!!!

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