The End of The Bed

March 8, 2012

Awhile back I talked about trying to figure out what to put at the end of our bed.

I’m not sure if I actually have figured out what I really want at the end of the bed but I found a super sturdy coffee table that was like $7.00 so I decided what the heck turn it into a bench.  The only money I spent was for the padding, which I got for 50% from JoAnn’s using a coupon.  I used a white coverlet to cover the table.  The table was originally pine so I sanded the piece, primed it with Kiltz and then painted it with some left over white eggshell paint I had laying around.

Sorry I don’t have a before picture, my camera ate it but if you’d like to read a great tutorial on how to do this project just click here.

Here’s a little peek at my new bench.


The bench is working out great for now it’s the perfect height and it’s pretty wide so my daughter comes into the room alot and lays on it and watches t.v. with us!

I’ll share the entire bedroom next week!

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    1. The bench is just the ticket, Laurie.
      What are the hours of your booth, Laurie. The girls and I are thinking about this weekend maybe. Location too! Jill

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