Incorporating Design Trends In Your Home

Earlier this year I talked about some design trends that I was noticing for 2012.  If you go to pinterest you can also see my board on design trends of 2012.

I really like almost all the trends that are out there right now but one of my favorites are terrariums.  I got a chance to make one this weekend because of this little problem.

Seriously, I cannot keep a plant alive for more then 3-4 months.  But obviously I keep trying so I thought this was the perfect chance to plant some succulents.

I found the glass container at my local Goodwill, I think I paid $2.00 for it.  The succulents are from Lowe’s, I’m pretty sure I paid $3.00 a piece for them and I bought 3 of them.  (I like odd numbers.)  While I was at Lowe’s I noticed they’ve caught wind of the terrarium trend too and were selling them for over $30.00.  (DIY people.)

I already had the potting soil and I also had the pea gravel from our many outdoor projects from last year.  So I put some soil on the bottom then arranged the plants and buried them with more soil and then covered the top of the soil with pea gravel.  I used a small paint brush to get the dirt and pebbles off the plants.


This whole thing took all of 15 minutes to do and I love the results!!!  (Even if I didn’t do it justice by using my iPhone.)




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Responses to Incorporating Design Trends In Your Home

  1. Liz says:

    I love it!! OK…I want to see a repost of it in about 4 months (ha ha…JK)

  2. LIZ says:

    too darn funny…Garry would love your comment!!! haha!

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