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April 4, 2012

I took last week off because it was my daughter’s spring break. We decided to go to South Dakota.  My daughter is in 8th grade and I felt like this would probably be the last time I could get her to go somewhere where beaches weren’t involved.

The trip was incredible and also very relaxing.  Our first stop was Mount Rushmore.

It was so cool to see it in person but I have to admit it was smaller then I imagined in my head but no less spectacular in person.

Then it was off to see Crazy Horse.

This was enormous and we learned you could fit the entire Rushmore monument where Crazy Horse’s head is.

My favorite part of the trip was a car ride through Custer State Park.  We saw antelope. (I think that’s what they were!)

My favorite part was when we went up a large hill and when we came down we saw this…

Seriously my husband is lucky I didn’t bring one home, the buffalo were the sweetest things I’ve ever laid my eyes on. Needless to say they weren’t at all afraid of us, look at how close this one got!

Seriously don’t you just want to hug him??

We went through Jewel Cave, drove up a very scary summit, checked out Deadwood and searched for waterfalls too.

On our way home we drove through the Badlands, which was absolutely breath taking.

Luckily for all of you I won’t share the 200 photos we took while we were on the trip but seriously if you haven’t been to all these places you should put it on your bucket list.

Tomorrow I promise a design related topic!!

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