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April 18, 2012

Honestly peeps I’ve been in a bit of a design funk lately, I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been busy with my daughter or busy at the booth or concentrating on putting money aside for the exterior of our house (big project happening in a few weeks) but I haven’t been up to much on the home front lately.

I’ve been blogging and reading blogs for years now and there are lots, I mean lots of design blogs out there and it’s probably because I read so many I’ve gotten a little burned out and a bit tired of reading sorta the same thing over and over, heck I know I’m guilty of talking about what others talk about I mean there’s only so much you can talk about if you post everyday.  I’ve also gotten busy outside of the blog which seems to happen to a lot of people who blog for awhile, it brings other opportunities.  (Yea for that!)

Speaking of what everyone is talking about I picked up this last night…

I haven’t had a chance to look at it yet but I hope it doesn’t disappoint (it was $11.99!) I also hope it gets my decorative mojo going!!

So for the time being I’ve decided to cut back on the amount of posts I do and try to focus on more original content.  If you don’t feel like visiting everyday, please feel free to subscribe to the blog so it comes directly to you!

I promise I still have lots to show off & thanks to all of you who visit everyday!!


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