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July 2, 2012

Things don’t stay the same at our house for long and I seem to have a problem changing areas that have already been decorated before finishing areas of the house that I haven’t even started yet.

This is an awkward area in the area between our foyer/dining room/living room.  Not a lot of space but it looks strange if left blank.

I sold the subway sign at Homespun and after it was gone the gray end table was way too short for the space without the sign.  So the end table was taken to my booth.

I didn’t want to spend any money so I shopped my house and this is what the space looks like now.


The table (Home Goods) was behind my sofa but I always felt like it was too small and it fits way better in this space.

(Living Room Thanksgiving 2011 – Notice the mirror over the fireplace, it’s moved to the new area, along with the table!)


The mirror is from Hobby Lobby (half off) and I sprayed it with bronze spray paint.  The lamp is from Pier 1 (super old) the books are from the Goodwill and the vintage tray is from a thrift store and is one of my most favorite finds I own!  The rest is just mementos collected over time.

I love no cost decorating!!


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    1. your hou,se is very nicely decorated i cant say mine is tell sloan great thank you card havent heard from dan hope he sent her something thanks

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