Food I’ll Probably Never Make

July 13, 2012

Is what I’ve labeled all the great recipes I’ve found on Pinterest. If you’re a foodie feel free to follow the board, if you like all things relating to entertaining and design please feel free to follow all my boards.

Truth is, I actually make a lot of the food I’ve found on Pinterest and I haven’t run across a bad recipe yet.

My daughter graduated from the 8th grade this year so we had a little party for her. We were hoping to entertain outside but that didn’t work due to the unconditionally hot weather we’ve had in Indy this summer. That didn’t stop us (Ya Ya aka grandma and me) from making things look pretty.

What’s a party without lots of salads and I think the cutest way to hold them are these cool containers I picked up at Target. The chalkboard labels are from World Market (they are no longer there) but you can use Martha Stewart’s chalkboard labels from Staples. The fruit salad was a big hit and a recipe I got off Pinterest. Honestly… best fruit salad I’ve ever had, plus it had marshmallows and pudding in it so it reminded me of all the church salads I ate as a kid!

Another hit at the party were these cute lady bugs Ya Ya made. Not only are they cute but they tie into celebrating Sloan’s special day because her Ya Ya has called her, her little lady bug since she was born! Honestly, I think Sloan would be bummed if Ya Ya ever stopped calling her lady bug, even when she’s 30!

Has anyone else tried any recipes on Pinterest? I’m always up to trying something new so let me know!

We’re hoping to finish a big project this weekend so hang tight and I’ll reveal it soon!  I hope everyone has a fun and hopefully relaxing weekend!!

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