Ikea Hack

July 16, 2012

When we moved into our house my daughter, Sloan was just finishing up the 6th grade.  This fall she’ll be entering the 9th grade whether I’m ready for her to start high school or not it’s happening.

Sloan is lucky enough to have her own bathroom and when we first moved in we decided to use some of her Pez dispensers as a display in the bathroom.  That’s fine for a 6th grader but as an almost 9th grader it’s time to retire the Pez collection.  I mean helllooooo mom!

So a little brainstorming and some searching around the house I came up with something to replace the Pez display.  I had an Ung Drill Frame laying in our spare room.  The glass broke when we moved but I didn’t want to throw the frame out.

After some off white spray paint (any kind specified for plastic will do) and some cute floral decals I picked up while shopping at Meijer and Sloan has her own little personalized art in her bathroom one that I think is perfect for a teen who just turned 14!

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