Week One of the Nursery Project

August 16, 2012

Last week I finally started working on the nursery and I thought it be fun (maybe just for me) to show off the progress each week.

Week one is pretty boring because there’s no big reveal it’s just a lot of prep work being done.  I’ve given myself 10 weeks to complete the room and that seemed like plenty of time but once I started working on the room I’m not quite sure if I’ll get the room done.

The room is somewhat cleaned out now, Drew just has to take the awful curtains down and get rid of the makeshift desk.  The room is also being painted on Tuesday and I’m hoping once that is done then the room will really get moving.

Below are some of the many items being prepared to be made over…

The lamp is from Home Goods.  (One of my favorite stores!)


The mirror is also from Home Goods.  Did you notice that both the lamp and the mirror have lots of circles?  I like to add similarities and consistencies to a room when I design it and it seems like circles is the direction the room is going.  (This usually seems to happen naturally.)

The overhead lamp is from Home Depot, it’s also getting a makeover.  I wanted to keep the lighting simple but it’s getting a little pizzazz added to it though!

This is the drawers of the Ethan Allen dresser I showed off prepped and ready to be painted, the taped off lampshade goes with the lamp from Home Goods above.

Again, not a terribly interesting post but I think it’ll be fun to document the journey!

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