A Super Fun Weekend

September 24, 2012

This weekend was super fun for me for lots of reasons. I’ve had a difficult pregnancy and have been feeling out of sorts.  We’re typically a busy family and like to travel and have fun and spending time with family is high on our list of things to do but since most of my family doesn’t live close and I haven’t been able to travel I’ve been missing them very much.

My daughter’s Aunt Liz suggested throwing me a baby shower and honestly I don’t do well with parties thrown in my favor, I tend to feel like I’m putting people out but my daughter Sloan was so excited I decided to let go of my hang ups and the festivities started to be planned.

I kept the guest list short, friends and family who really mean a lot to me which also included a great group of Sloan’s friends who I’ve known since they were little girls and have been super sweet about visiting me and being very excited about our upcoming delivery.

My best friend and mother-in-law Kris, Sloan’s Aunts Kim and Liz came this weekend and did what they do best…making me laugh and putting together an awesome baby shower!

Here’s some photos of their awesome party planning!

In case you didn’t know yes it’s a boy and my husband as much as he said he didn’t care what we had secretly has hoped for a boy for a very long time!

My daughter’s favorite soda & our last name just happens to be Jones!


Seriously addicting!

They shopped my house for items to put food in and used layers and levels to make a pretty table!

Cucumber and dill finger sandwiches are my favorite!  Notice the wrapped gift to add height and to put sandwiches on!

The big hit were the adorable cupcakes that Ya Ya (grandma) Kris and Aunt Kim made, yes they made them and yes we had lots of laughs during the process.  I wish I would’ve taken photos of the first mock up cupcake!! Sloan’s friends loved them!

The whole weekend was so amazing and really lifted my spirits and I am so excited to bring this baby boy into this world and introduce him to all these people I love so much!!

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    1. I am so disappointed I didn’t make it! I finally started to feel better today. I would love to bop by sometime and see all the gifts, and would love to see the nursery, too! Let me know if you feel up to it! Sending best wishes your way!!!

    1. So glad we were able to share in the excitement!! I’m looking forward to making a pitcher of that yummy sangria!

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