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October 2, 2012

Today I thought I’d show you my master bedroom. (Long post alert!!!) I’ve blogged about it quite a bit but have never done a final post where you can see how things all came together.

Here’s how the room started off. We live in a new house so character was of course lacking, it was basically a box.

The room was of course done on a budget. It was one of the first rooms we started working on when we moved in. I made a promise to myself to do our room second (Sloan’s room was of course first) because in the past I always did 4-5 rooms before our bedroom and we’re the type of family that treats our master bedroom like our family room, television room and truth be told sometimes our dining room. This time I wanted a room to retreat to when we were working on the rest of the home.

We had the bedroom professionally painted when we first moved in. We’ve moved in ALOT of homes and we’re at that point in our life that we rarely paint a room anymore. I guess you can call it our splurge. I however stenciled one of the walls which took about a week (with breaks) to finish. I simply used the paint the painter used but took it down a shade or two by adding white paint to the original paint.

There are a lot of budget friendly pieces in our room. The dresser and side table were actually my husband’s from years ago, the secretary was one of my first antique purchases over 20 years ago, I used a file cabinet (I made over) as my side table that I found at a thrift store and most of the artwork came from photos we took during family vacations. The accessories came from shopping our home and thrift stores that were for the most part spray painted either white or cream. There are also some splurges like Jonathan Adler pottery, silver pieces from Williams Sonoma Home and our bed we bought from West Elm. My favorite pieces in the room is a small wooden chair that I sat in at every single holiday at my grandma’s house for holidays and a upholstered piece that was probably the only piece of furniture my grandma had custom made and that she was extremely proud of.

I think mixing high, low and sentimental pieces are key in making a room work.

The secretary was in it’s natural dark brown state for many years and for many years my husband told me to get rid of it, it wasn’t his favorite piece but my heart could not let it go. So a makeover was in order. Enter white paint and mirrors.

The dresser was an ugly pine piece. The type where you buy the whole set of bedroom furniture. Like I said it was my husband’s prior to “us”. After a quick makeover this little piece quickly became my most popular post and my most pinned photos on pinterest.

Funny how a glass dome can make a spray painted goodwill find look expensive!!

The frames above the bed were just mismatched frames I’ve found at garage sales and goodwill and of course sprayed white. I like that there is some architectural elements above the bed but doesn’t interfere with the stenciled walls.

The tray is so old, it was just a natural wicker $2.00 tray from Pier 1 that was probably bought 20 years ago. I sometimes wonder why I quickly get rid of certain items while I swap out other items a month after I have them. The tray was sprayed white and then I painted a chevron pattern on it just to give the room a pop of modern and fun to the space.

I originally wanted a couch in the room but decided it may eat up too much space so I made a bench from an old coffee table and an old queen size quilt and a cushion from JoAnn’s.

The bedding came from Target and West Elm and Fieldcrest Cannon. I mixed and matched and splurged on high count quality sheets, I’d rather have expensive sheets then an expensive lamp. There is nothing like great bedding!

I love how the room turned out, it’s relaxing and homey and a place we all loving spending time in! (I guess maybe it’s time to redecorate!!!)

Thanks again for everyone that stops by House to your Home! If you’re new welcome and I hope you come back! If you’d like you can become a fan on Facebook or follow my pins on Pinterest and let’s not forget Instagram, my handle is housetoyourhome!!!

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    1. Laurie, the room turned out beautifully. One of my favorite ones to date. Can’t wait to see what else you come up with!!

    1. That idea of making a long stool out of a coffee table for your bedroom is unbelievable.

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