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October 4, 2012

I’m officially 9 months pregnant and tomorrow we hit yet another milestone in this long journey of ours.  I was diagnosed with an incompetent cervix and at 13 weeks I underwent a cerclage.  Tomorrow I’m having the cerclage removed and from that point on I’m basically good to go and labor can come at anytime.   Some women immediately go into labor while others have to be induced after a few weeks so we’ll see. I’ve been having terrible braxton hicks for about a month and sleep is at a minimum so saying I’m ready is an understatement.  People remind me I won’t be sleeping with a baby but at least the sleep I will get will be a little more comfortable then what it is currently, plus I’ll have that sweet little boy here to kiss on!

The nursery is done except some artwork I just got back from framing and a few custom ordered sewn pieces for the boppy and changing pad, which I hope will come any day now.

I’m going to wait until after the baby is born to show the entire room but I thought I’d show you a few things today about what’s been happening.

I didn’t want a room that had too much of a theme and I didn’t want it to be too babyish.  This isn’t my first rodeo with a babies room, they grow up quick and honestly they don’t remember their rooms, I’d rather decorate the space a little for me since I’ll be spending so much time in there and change it up when the baby is a bit more grown and can have some say in how he’d like his room.

I also wanted my husband Drew to have some input in the room after all he’s been waiting a very long time to get a baby boy so there are definitely some of Drew in the room.

I guess you could say the room is a bit of both of us with a dose of baby!

I wanted to incorporate brass in the room.  Earlier this year I wrote a 5 part series about design trends* for the year and metals were one of them.

(Spray paint = My Best Friend)

 (Lamp Before)

(Lamp After)

(Mirror Before)

I thought the mirror and lamp worked well together (and were not a part of a set) the room has a bit of a space theme to it and the circles reminded me a bit of planets.  I like to use repeated patterns in a room so obviously circles have a presence in the room.

(Mirror After)

(Pendant Before)

This was just a simple and cheap pendant from Home Depot that I did a little tweak to.  I painted the inside brass and the outside black.

(Inside of Pendant After)

Since my daughter Sloan was a baby I’ve always put a piece of artwork that I painted myself for her room and so of course I wanted to incorporate this tradition into the baby’s room.

The process was easy but it did end up taking longer then what I expected. I bought a very large canvas and painted it black.  Then I took sheets of thin canvas and did an abstract painting on them.

I ended up painting 10 sheets of canvas and when that was completed I punched the canvas with a heart hole puncher and applied it to the canvas with modge podge.

I was very happy with the result and I think it looks like the color of the loose theme I have going of space and planets.

(Close up of baby’s first piece of artwork!)

Any bets on when this baby is coming?? I’ll keep you all updated! Thanks to all my friends and family for keeping me and my family in your prayers and for all your support through this pregnancy! I’m beyond blessed!

If I don’t post tomorrow I hope everyone has a fun fall weekend!!


*I wrote a 5 part series on design trends for 2012 the first link talks about brass and other metals. To see all the images for 2012 trends please click on the 2012 pinterest trend board.

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