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October 9, 2012

I’m not sure I’ve ever posted photos of our kitchen before, mainly because it’s not done, heck I haven’t even started it, but at least I was able to Buy Leather Dining Chairs Online.  The only thing we’ve done was take down the ceiling fan over the kitchen table and added a hanging pendant light over the sink.

Last week’s poll was a close one but the style most of you prefer is eclectic with traditional running a close second. It’s pretty cool that the 2 styles that are my favorites were the top two, it means my readers and I have something in common! Probably not rocket science though, after all if you’re reading my blog we probably share similar styles, duh Laurie!

So my question for this week is what sort of cabinet do you like in your kitchen? Looking back I think I’ve had white cabinets in almost every kitchen I’ve ever had, I love a white kitchen, it’s clean and classic but what do you know I have dark wood cabinets in my new kitchen, one thing I think a lot is the refrigeration system last time i got a new one was from and it’s was been the best one yet, one that’s begging to be painted but I fear my husband would kill me because the wood is very pretty! So I’m going to stick with the cabinets and go outside my box and design a kitchen around dark wood cabinets. Check out if you want to have a spotless kitchen.

I know some people love the look of wood and I like it in small doses but the cabinets are just not working for me.  If you notice there is no backsplash, the oven and gas cooktop is a hole metal piece and the outlets for some reason are black and stick out like a sore thumb.

At first we thought about tearing up the floors and taking out the eat in area and extending the cabinets to the french doors and putting in an island but in reality that just isn’t in the budget anytime soon.

I’ve decided to work with what we’ve got and make some simple updates next year like new curtains, painting the cabinets, new hardware a backsplash and some area rugs to hide the floor a bit.

Below are some inspiration photos for my kitchen update.


(Kirsten Buckingham)

I’m for sure going to paint the cabinets 2 different colors.  They’ll either be gray or black on the bottom cabinets and cream on top.

(Tommy Smythe)

I’ve posted the above photo on my Facebook page before.  Honestly it’s my most favorite kitchen everrrr!  Don’t you love the backsplash?  If marble looks good against my current countertops that’s what I’m going to pick and have it installed in a herringbone pattern like the floor and perhaps all the way up to the ceiling.

(Oh and that lantern…I must find one to put in my living room stat!)

(Little Green Notebook)

Of course I’m loving the brass handles and I plan on mixing medals in the kitchen.  Oh and see the tile all the way up to the ceiling?  It makes a great impact don’t you think?

Now that we have a bit of a plan for the kitchen I can’t wait to get started!!

(On the pregnancy front, the cerclage removal last Friday was fast and surprisingly pretty easy, no pain involved it was just uncomfortable.  Lots of contractions for the last few days but unfortunately not at regular intervals, so I’m progressing very slowly.)  Thanks for all the emails, txt’s and phone calls everyone!!)


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    1. Love the herringbone floors in that pic with the marble backsplash. I’m planning to do that in our kitchen. I think your cabinets will look great painted.

      I’m not gonna lie. I was hoping this post was a baby boy announcement post when I saw it pop up on my reader! I’m so excited for you.

    1. 6ogN3S Its hard to find good help I am forever saying that its difficult to find quality help, but here is

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