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October 29, 2012

We are settling back into life since the birth of Cooper (2 weeks today) and it’s actually going quite smoothly (knock on wood).  I’ll be sharing with you some things that are happening with my business this week too.  I’m learning that having your own business means changing directions and trying new things and although the process is slow I’m lucky to say that each time I try something new I learn a lot and get a step closer to the ultimate goal of owning my own shop.

For today though, I thought I’d share our family room with you.  It was one of the first rooms in our house we started working on when we moved into the house because it looked like this…

Actually it looked worse then this, there were no walls or ceilings it was your typical unfinished basement.  When we completed the basement we ended up with an office, a family room, a storage room, bathroom and guest bedroom (aka Ya Ya – grandma’s room).

The family room is in no way finished but I guess no room ever is but I thought I’d show you where I’m at with this room at the moment.  I’ve promised myself I’m going to start showing you all my rooms while I’m in the process and not just the after so you can see that decorating takes me time, sometimes a long time to get right.

The couch is from ZGallerie and is one of those couches that begs to be laid on.  Let’s just say many football games have been watched on this couch.  I don’t think I sat on this couch in 5 months because I was unable to get out of it while I was pregnant, it’s that deep and comfy.

Here is a list of where I purchased other items in the room.

Coffee table – Crate and Barrel

Rug – Home Goods

Pillows – Target, Pottery Barn

Curtains and Black Floating Shelves – Ikea

Chair – Silver in the City with a throw from a small store in Savannah, GA thrown over it.

Paintings – Midland Antiques

The television console was one of my furniture makeovers from a goodwill find, if you like you can read about it here.

Brown chair and ottoman is actually a rocker we’d bought from Baby’s R Us when I was pregnant with the twins.

Blue Vases – ZGallerie

Plates – Home Good

Cement Mushroom – Silver in the City

Floor Lamp – Ikea

The long bench against the wall is from Urban Outfitters.

The pillows on the bench are from Target, Pottery Barn and ZGallerie,.

The red lamp is repurposed from Goodwill.

The round mirror is from Crate and Barrel.

The cube side table is from Silver in the City.

The black round table is from World Market.

The brass lamp is a thrift store find as well as most of the accessories.

The small lamp on the television console came from Target.

The magazine basket next to the console is from Crate and Barrel.

The flooring is vinyl but actually looks very much like wood, they are long strips of vinyl and are put down staggered.

I’d like to add some plants down here along with trim on the curtains and some more artwork on the walls.  If we ever get some good light I’ll show you the other side of the basement where my husband’s game table and our repurposed bar is!

If you have any questions about the room please do not hesitate to ask!

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    1. I love the gray walls you used here. How did you select your color scheme? Did you do all the work yourselves or did you get help from an electrician or plumber? You may get some ideas from Case Indy on basement remodeling.

    1. Brilliant, as always! I remember when you first posted you tv console. It’s amazing what you can see in a thrift store find…

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