Where I Spend Most Of My Days

November 1, 2012

I’m almost ready to show you Cooper’s entire room but after spending about 2 weeks in this room almost day in and day out I’ve made a few changes. (Shocker!)  But in the meantime this  is where I spend the majority of my time since my baby boy was born.

It doesn’t exactly look like this day to day but I didn’t think the shot would look as pretty loaded up with pillows, a down comforter, a 32 oz water glass and a breast pump!

Notice the room is a mix of what I like (the pillows and chair) and what Drew likes (the Star Wars prints!)  I’ll post resources when I do the final reveal!

Things are going really great here and I think we’re slowly getting our groove on with our latest addition, it’s funny I can’ imagine life without him!

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