Mini Furniture Makeover

November 5, 2012

I haven’t refinished a piece of furniture for awhile now besides Cooper’s dresser (with the help of my husband) and I’ve been a bit anxious to get back into it but I’m sorta lacking the time to do a big project right now.

I decided to head into my work space this week and pull a small piece of furniture and this is what I ended up doing.

The before…

I picked this piece up at the Goodwill awhile back and paid like $2.50 for it.  I really like this piece and thought it would be a cool little bookshelf to hold my Reader’s Digest books I’ve been picking up.

A little off white spray paint and of course some new hardware and here’s the after…

I love the hardware doesn’t it look like they are antique?  A close up…

The hardware is from Hobby Lobby (I have a love/hate relationship with that store, seriously the smell of cinnamon when I walk into that store almost always makes me want to leave the store screaming.)  But then I find a piece of hardware that looks like this for $4.99 and go figure is an additional 50% off I decide the trip was worth it.  I think the hardware looks like something you’d find at Anthropologie don’t you think?

Don’t mind the full shot of the large bookcase, that’s still a work in progress and I’m currently stumped plus I need more books.

Anyways I was glad to get a small project under my belt and hopefully in a month I’ll get started on some bigger pieces!

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