Dining Room Progress

November 19, 2012

I’m trying to spiff up the dining room before Thanksgiving this year and to be honest it’s going a bit slow.  Who knew a baby could throw a wrench into life so much!  Throw in a 14 year old teenage girl who is involved in more activities then I can keep up with and you end up with a mama whose just happy to get a shower in!

Here’s how the dining room started.

As I’ve talked about before nothing has really been done to the room other then throwing the dining room set in here.  Boring!  I also hated the chandelier, I made the mistake of buying it because it was on sale and before I knew what I was going to do to the room.  (Rookie design mistake!)

This week we had board and batten installed in the room and switched out the chandelier.  I also put my living room rugs in the space.


Seriously I’m going to marry my new chandelier!  I love it, I bought it at West Elm the night they opened in Indianapolis!  I also think the new board and batten adds a lot of character to the space and it also flows nicely with the rest of the main floor.

I still need to add some (ok, alot) of personality to the room but it looks better then it did last week!

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