Yesterday it dawned on me that Thanksgiving is this week then it dawned on me that I haven’t done one thing to prepare for Thanksgiving, which I might add is at my house.

So once someone finally did a little of this…

(FYI, this is my sweater on Cooper and it’s the only way he’ll sleep during the day other then sleeping directly on my chest…rest assure I don’t leave him alone while he’s sleeping like this.)

My brain went into brainstorm mode to figure out a quick and easy decoration for my front door.

I had a lot of this…


I also have way too many of these…(seriously note to self stop buying pinecones!)


I knew I had a limited amount of time so I simply cut pieces of twine and tied them onto the pinecones in varying lengths and then tied them all together for a quick and easy alternative to the usual wreath.


I’m going super simple this year and using natural elements for the table and a few other areas of the house.  I’ll share the rest this week!

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