The Christmas Door

December 6, 2012

I really liked how the front door turned out this year for Christmas.  I decided to go with a red and silver theme.  I also went with the theme of not doing any sort of craft project to pull the front door together.  Having a seven week old baby means pulling together a project quickly (during nap time)!

First up were some Christmas urns.  I love using greenery in the winter.  I bought these already made greenery from Lowe’s and decided to add a little something to them to bulk them up a bit.

These gold branches weren’t going to go with the red and silver theme so I pulled them out.


Then I pulled out the trusty can of silver spray paint and in less then 5 minutes I had silver branches.

Then back into the urns they went along with some pre-lit branches that I bought for $9.00 from get this…Walgreens!  These same branches go from $20-$40 at some of the nurseries I’ve been to this holiday season.

Next up was the wreath for the door.

I bought the ornament wreath from Target, I like it but it wasn’t bulky enough so I bought a real wreath.

Obviously the plastic bow had to go so off it went and the ornament wreath was placed on top of the one above.

Seriously the entire project took less then an hour.

Now stringing the ornaments on the garland “may have” took a little more time!  Let’s just say Cooper took an extra long nap for that project!!

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    1. Love your front door idea on stacking the red balls wreath on top the real wreath. Beautiful. Your front entry way is so warm and inviting. TFS> Ana

    1. I love your porch decorations and seriously loving the lit branches from Walgreens!! Whatta deal! Pinning this for inspiration for next year! I can see a peek at that chandelier on your porch too.. beautiful!!! 🙂

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