The Christmas Mantel

December 11, 2012

I personally think the best thing about a fireplace is being able to decorate the mantel for Christmas.  At least that’s my favorite thing about having a fireplace!

Since I’ve decided to make it the year of easy decorating (a newborn makes that decision easy) the fireplace was no exception.  I did however have to purchase a few new things for the mantel, the most important were new stockings because of our newest addition!

Because it’s the year of easy decorating having our new stocking sent away to be monogrammed was not in the cards so I put together a quick and easy project so everyone knew whose stocking was whose.

I simply tied fresh garland, a fifty cent Christmas ornament and a tag I already owned together and wrote our names on the tag.  When my husband saw the finished stockings he told me he thought I should do this every year and forget about the monograms!  I love when a quick fix turns out better then the original plan!

I mostly shopped the house for the decorations and used books, mercury glass candle holders, brass bowls and kept the eucalyptus in the pitcher up and added some red berries and also kept the lamps in place.  I just added some garland, white lights, red ornaments a newly purchased reindeer and pinecones.

(Looking at the above photo makes me want to line the inside of those lampshades!  Maybe next year!)

Yep…the lamps definitely need to be lined!  Maybe an unexpected shade of green?


The swag and ribbon hanging from the top of the mirror were leftover from  my outside decorating.  Waste not right?

This year’s mantel is pretty different then last years, here’s a reminder of last years, click here if you want to read about it.

I remember loving last years mantel and pulling it up today I’m wondering why I went so plain?  Maybe last year was also the year of easy decorating??

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