The Last of the Christmas Decorations

December 17, 2012

Like I mentioned last week I didn’t go too crazy with the decorations for Christmas this year.  (The fireplace and outdoor decorations.) I kept things simple and traditional using lots of red.  I also decided to go through my Christmas bins and if I hadn’t used it for a few years it got donated to the Goodwill.

It seems like a lot of store bought Christmas decorations are cheesy and made cheaply so I’m finally to the point where I invest a little money in some of my holiday decor (like the Williams Sonoma table runner.) The only cheesy decorations I like are the homemade ones from my daughter!  Speaking of homemade Christmas decorations, that’s how I decorate my tree.  I don’t usually post a photo of my tree because there is no theme and the ornaments really only mean something to our family and that’s the way I like it!

(The kitchen)

Seriously who doesn’t love a hand-painted Christmas tree from the 80’s?  Homemade cheesy good, store bought cheesy bad!

Simple ornaments and branches from the yard.  Decorating in the dining room took less then 30 minutes!  This was the first year I didn’t swap out the china in the dining room for my Christmas dishes but last year it took me almost until April to switch them back and that was pre-baby, this year they’d probably be up indefinitely if I would’ve put them out!

These are the usual candle holders I keep on the dining room  I just took out the candle, threw in some fake snow and ornaments.  Seriously fast, easy but pretty!

An unexpected place to decorate was the fern in the corner of my dining room that is originally on my front porch during the warmer months.

Layering is key in the wintertime for me, the multiple rugs, pillows and even a fur throw in the dining room, and  the sheepskin, why not I say!

I’m really happy with the little touches I did to the house this holiday season it was fast and easy but still makes the house look festive!

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