An Easy Way to Customize A Pendant Light.

December 19, 2012

This was a super easy project I did for Cooper’s nursery.  I wanted a hanging light fixture and my husband forbid a chandelier so while we were shopping at Home Depot I ran across this pendant in the sale area.  It was originally $29.00 but was on sale for $19.00.  It’s called the Hampton Bay Warehouse Pendant.  I believe it’s used for garage lighting.


Here’s the inside of the fixture.

Since there are a lot of brass elements in his room I decided to spray the inside of the pendant brass.

I lightly sprayed the inside 3 times and in between coats I used a rag to clean the inside of the pendant up to make sure it was smooth.

The outside of the pendant I sprayed black.  Again I sprayed it with 3 light coats.

I didn’t want to use just a regular lightbulb since you’d be able to see it so I ordered a silver tipped lightbulb from Schoolhouse Electric.  Not only are they prettier than a normal bulb it cuts down on the glare.

My sweet husband was nice enough to install it for me and he even liked how it turned out and I don’t think he cussed once so it obviously was really easy to install.

The project was cheap, easy and a great compromise between my husband and I.  I’d like to think of it as my man chandelier!!

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