Cooper’s Nursery

January 17, 2013

I mentioned this week that Cooper turned 3 months old so I guess it’s time to show off his room, if I waited until I was “done” with it he’d probably be 18 years old!   (All resources are listed on the bottom of this post.)

I wrote about the dresser and over head light pendant in previous posts if you’d like to read about them.

Here is the before photo that we all love to see!

Obviously the room wasn’t really being used.  The overflow of my fabric ended up in the room along with some baby stuff from our prior pregnancies and don’t even ask about the curtains!

The first thing I did was have the room painted Sherwin Williams Proper Gray.  After the room was painted I had Drew install the pendant lighting I talked about here.

I have to admit the room doesn’t really have a theme, it’s more about elements that both my husband and I like and items that mean something to us.

My husband loves bulldogs and thought at one point the only boy he’d ever have was a future bulldog.  He won’t be getting his bulldog anytime soon so I thought I’d incorporate some in Cooper’s room!

Here’s a corner of the room with Cooper’s chalkboard play table, Star Wars Prints (daddy’s doing) and gallery wall with some of my favorite children’s books and a paint by number of a space ship Cooper’s sister Sloan painted many years ago.

The crib was a bargain at $75.00 on sale.   I bought it at Walmart.  I wanted something very simple with clean lines.  Cooper is my last baby and I couldn’t justify spending a fortune on his crib and this is my justification for buying a more expensive bed when he’s a big boy!

I painted the painting above the crib and the planet mobile above the bed came from a local shop in Indianapolis.

The mirror and the lamp have been painted twice now, this is what happens when you spend 2 months in the room not sleeping and over analyzing your baby’s bedroom.

I’m so glad I decided to put my birthday chaise in Cooper’s room.  I’ve spent a lot of nights in this room and it’s super comfortable.  I love snuggling with Cooper in the chair and I cannot wait to read stories with him in it when he gets bigger.



The yellow storage cubes originally were unfinished wood boxes that I painted yellow and stenciled with robots in blue.  I bought the robot stencil from Hobby Lobby.   I also lined the bookcase with yellow and gray honeycomb fabric that I purchased from Jo Ann’s fabric.

My best friend since I was in grade school dad is a wood worker, I bought this car for Cooper because it reminded me of the toys he used to make that I used to think were so cool.

I kept the window treatments very simple.  The curtains are white and are from Target.  The roller shades are black out shades.  The most important thing was function, I wanted the room dark during the day.  Of course I couldn’t just leave the curtains and shades plain so I trimmed them with black thick trim.  I also bought plastic handles for the bottom of the shades and sprayed them brass to match the dresser hardware.

I hope you enjoyed Cooper’s nursery tour.  My heart went into this room and I love spending time in here and am loving every moment of being Cooper’s mommy!

If you have any questions please feel free to ask me!

Crib – Walmart

Star Sheets – Target

Crib Bedskirt – Land of Nod

Crochet Blanket – My sweet friend Nansie (:

Chaise Lounge – Ballards Design

Reading Light – Target

Star Wars Prints – Pottery Barn Kids

Mini Globe Night Light – Land of Nod

Succulents – Allisonville Nursery

Black Side Table – Midland Antiques

White Curtains – Target

Roller Shades – Home Depot

Play Table – Target

Play Chairs – Irvington Antique’s

Black Floating Shelves – Container Store

Blue Lamp – Home Goods

Diaper Pad – Etsy

Mirror – Home Goods

Ethan Allen Dresser – Indianapolis East Side Thrift Store

3 Black and White Striped Hooks – Anthropologie

Dog Hanger – Urban Outfitters

Dog Sweater and Hat – Baby Gap

Bookshelf  – Target

Robot Print – Brandon with Glasses

Acrylic Lamp – Target

Planet Mobile – Mass Avenue Toys

Book Worm – Mass Avenue Toys

Pillows – Etsy

Robot – Mass Avenue Toys

Wooden Car – Zuilly

Gray Rug – Rugs USA

Hamper – Ikea


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    1. This nursery is adorable! I love everything about it. I have a few questions – where did you get the wooden storage boxes and the stuffed animal bin? I’m in the process of putting together our nursery and storage is tripping me up! Thank you!

    1. hi! i’m new to your blog…made my way over from brooklyn limestone. this is a truly beautiful space! i agree about putting the best, most wonderfully comfortable chair in the nursery. because let’s be honest—we’re gonna spend a lot of time in it! 🙂 well done!

    1. Love the room! The colors and patterns work so well together. Do you know what the wall color is?

    1. I love the room!! I also love the fact that you used reasonably priced items that everyone (like me) could afford. Such great inspiration. Thank you.

    1. Thanks Leticia! That’s how I roll no high prices around here, I’ll splurge on things I know I want for a long time like the chair but I change my mind too much and want to change things too much to spend alot of money!!!

    1. Just ran across your nursery from Red Tricycle’s feature on nurseries today! Love your design and stye! I am expecting my second, not sure of sex yet, and in process of figuring out moving my daughter to office/her new room, and converting her nursery into new baby’s room. I too bought that reading lamp from Target when I was designing her nursery last year but ended up returning it as I thought it would get way too hot in a baby room. Have you kept it or swapped it out? I still love the look of that. I too purchased her crib from Walmart- best designs per price and the quality all seems the same if you ask me. I too feel I need to buy bumpers for new baby even though they recommend not to. My daughter thrashed around and she still does but at this point, she is almost one, I figure it’s too late to get bumpers for her, plus her crib design doesn’t fit them- as it is flat on ends, no bars….which I did not know would be an issue! I love your mix of high and low and big box mixed with boutiques and thrift- totally my style! Def keeping an eye on your blog! Nice work!

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