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January 24, 2013

Every year after Christmas I like to decorate my mantel.  I seem to change it in the fall and for Christmas but I’m not one to really change it for the other holidays.  I’ve learned as much as I might like cute holiday decorating for other people (honestly I do) I personally don’t do cute.

Last year my mantel looked like this…

If you look closely there is a movement to the arrangement it sorta goes from small to large, from the left to the right.

This year with my mantra of simple my mantel is indeed very simple.

Another thing I’ve learned about myself is as much as I like symmetry I also like to mix it up and be a little different.  If you look at the fireplace notice there is the large mirror in the middle and 3 pieces on each side of the mirror.  The first item is small boxwood and they are the same and the other 2 items are different and the height becomes higher.

From left to right the first two wood pieces are actually vases from the Threshold collection from Target the boxwood trees are actually boxwood balls on top of empty clay candle containers, then the Goodwill Outlet $5.00 mirror,  a candle hurricane from the Smith & Hawken collection from Target and a brass candlestick that may have cost .50 again from the Goodwill Outlet.  (I think I’m going to write a post soon about my Goodwill Outlet experiences!)

If you look down in the photo my new rug came in.  I like it but I’m not sure if I love it, I think it may just take some time to get used to it.  I think the real problem is it doesn’t even come close to matching the curtains, seriously not remotely close, I was telling my friend I have a bad case of pregnancy brain, I seem to be making many of my decisions on the fly.  The fact that I can even write a post baffles me!  I think I may take the curtains down and turn them into cushion covers for my front porch and replace the curtains with just a solid color.

One last thing, did you notice I had the blog colors changed?  The pink wasn’t working for me, it wasn’t representing where I am going anymore but honestly I’m not quite sure of my path at the moment so for the time being my blog will be these neutral colors.  As I’ve mentioned my brain seems to be on vacation currently and I like that I’m able to concentrate more on my photos.

So any suggestions for curtains?  Beige, white, gray, brown???  Anyone want to hang them for me??



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    1. Very pretty! I love the rug!

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