Plates in the Dining Room

February 1, 2013

As I mentioned yesterday I picked up some plates at the Goodwill to decorate my dining room with.  The dining room is coming along even if it’s coming along a little more slowly then I planned.

Here’s a reminder of the plates I bought.


All I did was spray paint them, first with a spray paint primer and then the spray paint that coordinated with the rest of the room.  I decided to put them around the buffet.  I used these types of plate hangers to hang them on the wall.

(Casa Sugar)

You can also use the type below and that’s pretty easy too, you just lightly wet the back side and wait until it’s tacky and then stick it on the back of the plate.



Both types are fairly inexpensive especially if you use a 40% off coupon from Hobby Lobby.

Here’s how the buffet area is looking like currently…

I may add some more plates to the wall but for the time being I think I’ll start on the next project in the room which is adding some trim to some pillows in the window seat.

I hope everyone has a fun weekend!!

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