Decorating the Makeup Table

February 6, 2013

Since I wrote about makeup tables yesterday I thought today I’d write about fun ways to organize and decorate it., especially since that’s my favorite part!

When I think about a makeup table I basically think of 2 things, makeup (duh) and jewelry!  I tend to like things out and displayed (but pretty) so organization combined with clever ideas are a must!


This is a super neat idea especially for my 14 year old daughter who tends to have her makeup all over her bathroom sink.  Just pop a magnet on the back of the makeup and stick it on some sort of magnetic board. (I’d think you could even use a cookie sheet if you painted it a pretty color!)

(Creative in Chicago)

My daughter still likes to do crafts and this is a simple, fun and pretty one to do.  All you’d have to do is paint a soup can a pretty and coordinating color of your vanity and hot glue those half glass beads from Michael’s/Hobby Lobby on it.


My motto the more small drawer/organizers the better!

I’ve been wanting to buy some metal grating at the hardware store everytime I go there.  (Yes, fun for me is walking up and down Lowe’s or Home Depot!)  I think this jewelry holder might be on my list to do!

(Home is Where the Heart Is)

I also love the ceramic egg crate for earrings.  This would be perfect for my daughter!  The key with a 14 year old is easy!

Although…since this is the year of easy for me maybe just a towel bar and rings!

(Source Unknown)

I’ve been known to use shower hooks to organize before.

Last, one of my favorite images, mismatched tea cups in the drawer!

(Martha Stewart)

I’ve made a few small changes to my makeup/vanity area so I’ll show you them tomorrow!!

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