Four Months

February 15, 2013

Cooper is 4 months old and it’s been a super fun month!  He’s large and in charge weighing in at 14 pounds!  Which puts him in the 50th percentile which is great saying that he started out in less then the 5th percentile.

As you can see by the photo above he is a very happy baby although there are times he really makes you work for his smiles.  He is also a big snuggle bunny and still doesn’t really care who holds him just so long as someone is holding him.  He is starting to follow me with his eyes when I leave the room and he knows mommy, daddy and Sloan.  He is a big flirt and likes the attention Sloan’s high school friends give him and he really loves going to the high school basketball games, he likes the noise, the cheerleaders and the boys running up and down the court.

He has rolled over a few times this month, he is able to grasp his ring toys and rattles and likes to hug on his cookie monster and teddy bear.  He also likes to watch me and daddy when we talk to him and he is a big talker trying to mimic what we are saying.  He is sleeping pretty good for the most part but still wakes up at least once to nurse.

The only hurdle this month was him being diagnosed with the influenza A bug that’s been going around something awful this winter.  He was miserable for 2 days and did nothing but moan and whimper, it was pretty pathetic and hard on me not being able to help him feel better.  It seems the medicine has helped pretty quickly and he is already back to his happy self.  I’m hoping for a clean bill of health when we go back to the doctor next week for a follow up and his 4 month well baby visit. In my case, my health is doing great right now, I am just a bit worried about my skin, but thankfully I was introduced to the La Clinica products, which have helped me out a lot.


Happy 4 Months Baby Coop!!

Happy Weekend!!!  (It’s been a looonnnggg one here and I’m looking forward to spending time with the family!)

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