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February 25, 2013

This weekend was super fun for me because after over a year I was able to travel to Ohio and go to one of my most favorite places…Ikea!  Funny how just going to a store could bring on so many memories.   I haven’t been to one of my favorite places because I was  pregnant and wasn’t able to walk around such a big space for so long and having Cooper with me at Ikea this weekend reminded me how blessed I am to have my little stinker butt in my life.

(Cooper clearly bored with the experience, such a boy!)

If you follow me on instagram (housetoyourhome) you’ll see I of course had to document Cooper’s first visit to Ikea!  Sloan (my daughter) as always was a huge help with him and makes traveling with a baby so much easier.  Cooper also kept us entertained because he’s just learned how to blow raspberries and because I laugh so hard at him when he does it, it makes him do it even more!  I feel like he’s changed over night, he’s no longer a newborn he’s now a baby who is alert and smiles and laughs and mimics.

Back to my Ikea weekend…here’s the thing about Ikea as I’ve gotten older I feel like through the years I’ve weeded out most of my Ikea purchases for my home and replaced them with more forever pieces but somehow when I go there now I end up spending more money then I did in the past.  That’s probably because I still feel like it’s a great place for basic items like glassware and organizational items and textiles but most of all I love buying items for Sloan and Cooper’s room.  I also have learned because I live in Indianapolis and the closest Ikea to us is 2 hours away I am always able to sell the furniture or lighting I have bought at almost full or even full price on Craigslist.

I did end up buying some items for both Sloan and Cooper and promise to share them soon.  One (ok 2) of the items I bought was the Ikea Rast which of course has been hacked a million times (here’s a great pinterest board with some great rast hacks).

I’m obviously going to hack the heck out of the 2 I bought.  They are for Sloan’s room.  She currently has 2 side tables with no drawers which doesn’t work well with a 14 year old girl who throws nothing away!  I looked for some vintage pieces for awhile and came up with nothing and lets face it for $34.99 you can’t beat the price.

Speaking of Ikea Hacks I’m going to put together a little something on the blog today (check back later) where you can see some of the hacks I’ve done already!

Hope everyone’s week is off to a great start!


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