Quick and Easy Furniture Project

March 6, 2013

With spring cleaning comes moving the furniture around which is actually one of the easiest things you can do to give your house a little lift.  I always find cleaning my knick knacks makes me either fall in love with them again because they are nice and shiny or I realize it’s time to donate them.  Changing furniture is also an easy and cheap (free) way to redecorate your home.

I was cleaning the kitchen yesterday and decided to move this table into our living room.

I replaced it with a console table that was also in the kitchen but in a different spot.  (I’ve got big plans for the area where the console table was.)

I was happy with the furniture move but last night happened to be a bit of a rough night for my baby boy who I’m trying to transition into his crib.  (It didn’t happen.)  Once I admitted defeat and let him sleep in my room I needed a bit of a break and for me that means a little project to clear my head.

I decided my plain console table needed a little “jewelry” so I simply attached some satin brass finish flat corner braces and a brass garage door hardware (all from Home Depot) onto the piece.


When I showed the piece to my husband he said he liked it (good answer) but said the hardware didn’t match the rest of the hardware in the kitchen that is currently black.  Poor guy didn’t realize mixing metals was cool!

Amazing what a couple bucks can do to transform a piece and to bring a little sanity back into my life!

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