Ready for Spring

March 8, 2013

Yea I know it’s not very original or earth shattering news because everyone I know is ready for warmer weather but I’m sorry I’m really, really ready for some warm weather.  There is nothing that I want to do more then get our backyard ready for entertaining and putting Cooper in his stroller and walking around the neighborhood.

Yes, I said it entertaining it’s one of my to do’s this year, to get out more and spend time with friends and to have friends over more.

First things first is we have to finish the bocce ball court.

{Meet me at the Altar}

 Of course entertaining outside means coming up with some clever lighting options and I’m really loving this one…

{Pin Cookie}

I love this photo of what looks like to be impromptu kitchen.  I think it’s so charming.  I love the idea of using wine crates (hmmmm… maybe ones that we’ve emptied after the entertaining!)

[love french bulldogs}

Then I can’t wait to get started on my front porch too!  I want to get rid of my old furniture and find some pieces that are more comfortable.  The look I’m wanting is an extension from the indoors.  Like adding a mirror maybe?

{Live Like You}

Most important I want somewhere comfortable to sit or lay, like take a nap with my baby sorta comfy!

{Kishani Perera}

Anyone else have any big plans for outdoors?  Bring on the warm weather!

Have a great weekend all!  I’m looking forward to spending time with friends and doing a little thrifting and antique shopping for some projects I’m working on!  Take care!!

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