Finding Inspiration at the Mall

March 11, 2013

West Elm opened a few months back where I live and I think I’ve been in there almost once a week since they have.  The store is a little small but it packs a big punch and I love all the pretty vignettes they have all over the store.

One of the items I’ve been visiting (does anyone else visit things they want?) are these wooden tripod antler candleholders.  I think they are so pretty!

Last week they had them on display on one of the dining room tables and I finally decided to take the plunge and pick 2 of them up.  Here’s what they looked like in the store.

{West Elm – Fashion Mall, Indianapolis}

This is where the inspiration comes into play.  I’ve slowly been taking the plunge and decorating my kitchen over the last few months.  I’ve not really done anything in there because I’d been waiting to remodel the entire thing.  It finally dawned on me there is no reason I can’t at least make it look prettier for the time being instead of waiting for it to be perfect.

Anyways I loved the whole table so I took a photo and used it as an inspiration for my own kitchen.  I used some of the same elements as the West Elm store but I put my own spin on it to make it my own!

This is what it looks like pretty much everyday since I bought the candlesticks.

This is what it looks like with our everyday dishes, I also grabbed already owned napkins and green votive candle holders.  (It goes to shows if you buy what you love things come together!)

Another super pretty example of these candlesticks being used is by Jenny of the Little Green Notebook.

{Little Green Notebook}

Design doesn’t have to be truly original, there is no harm in loving something you see from someone else or somewhere else and putting your own stamp on it!

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