Cooper is 6 Months Old Today!!

April 15, 2013

Another month has sped by at record pace no matter how much I pray it would slow down just a tad. My baby boy is 6 months old and we’re having more fun with him then ever!


He is such a happy baby. He’s also a snuggle bunny who loves to be held and as long as he can see me he doesn’t care who is snuggling on him. The separation anxiety he was experiencing last month has gotten a little better but we’re noticing he goes through a crying time at around 7:30 p.m. which I think maybe just his way of unwinding at the end of the day. He cries very little but I’ve noticed when he does that his newborn cry is gone and has been replaced with full-fledged baby cry. (Meaning the cry is way louder!!)

He has started eating baby oatmeal recently and really loves it and was more then ready to start eating real food! He is also very interested in watching us drink so we’ve been giving him his sippy cup and he’s trying to figure out what that’s all about. I’m hoping when I’m done nursing him we can go right to the sippy cup and not use a baby bottle.

4-5 months
(Cooper 4-5 months)

Cooper can now sit up for small periods of time and he loves to play in his jumper. I have a feeling once he’s mobile I’m in trouble. He basically thinks everything is funny. Cons would be that he has learned to whine. Daddy telling him to rub some dirt in it hasn’t seem to help either!! He was also baptized this month and we had a great time celebrating this event with family and friends.

cooper 1-3
(Cooper 1-3 months)

Sloan and I have decided to bake a cake today and eat it in his honor! Happy 1/2 year B-day sweet baby boy!!

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