Progress with the Bocce Ball Court

April 16, 2013

It was really beautiful out this last weekend and we were able to get outside and do a little work in our backyard.  One of my goals this year is to finish the bocce ball court we started last year.


The photo above is from last year and behind the patio you can see a photo of the bocce ball court. It needs to be painted and we need to landscape around it still but the majority of the hard work is finished.

This weekend my husband started working on making the scoreboard and it turned out better then I imagined it would. It still needs to be stained and the letters have to be added to it but I thought I’d share a sneak peek of it.

bocce scorecard

I really love the brass finials he added to the top of it! I think it’ll look even better after the brass ages a bit too!

bocce scorecard1

I’m hoping next weekend is just as nice so we can cross the scoreboard off the list and get started on the landscaping. I’m ready for a bocce ball/wine party!!

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    1. AH!! A Bocce Ball Court – that is amazing! Oh now I have to have one in our backyard.

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