The Wicker Fan Back Chair

April 23, 2013

Over two years ago I wrote about a pair of wicker fan back chairs I found at the Goodwill.   I paid $29.00 a piece for them and sold one of them when I had my booth space at the Carmel Antique Mall for a heck of alot more then $29.00!  After the first chair sold I decided to keep the second chair for myself.  I knew if I sold it I would kick myself!

Recently I decided to do a little makeover on my chair to get it ready for the front porch.  This project was super easy.

Here’s what the chair looked like before…

wicker chair 1

All I did was get out some black flat paint and trim the chair out with a small paintbrush.

wicker chair 2

After I painted the chair I decided to make a drop in cushion for the chair. I don’t sew so it’s easier for me to upholster a seat. So get this I’m shopping at Home Depot and spot this laminated piece of  round pine that is 1″ x 17.75″. I didn’t have the measurements of the chair but I thought what the heck I’ll buy it and if it doesn’t fit I’ll just take it back or find some other use for it.  I don’t remember the exact price but I’m pretty sure it was less than $5.00.


This doesn’t happen in my life very often but the freakin’ piece of wood actually fit in the chair!! Once that was established I bought a piece of high density foam and cut it to the size of the piece of wood. After that I just got out the power stapler and fabric and the project was done!

chair after 1

The fabric is an end of the bolt piece from Joann’s that was on sale for 80% off. It’s called Buttons in Onyx.

chair after 2

The pillow is from Nate Berkus’s Target line, it’s the monterrey pillow. It’s unfortunately not available anymore.

Next up on the porch plan is planting some boxwoods! I hope the weather stays nice!

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    1. Love it!!!! I am so glad that pieces of this are back in style (although I would use them even if they weren’t!). Such a great find!

    1. DON’T SELL IT!!!! IT LOOKS AWESOME!!!!!I I had one and let someone borrow it for a baby shower and cant remember who, and how I’m searching for one 🙁 GREAT JOB WITH THAT!!!!

    1. I would like to know how I can buy the wicker fan chair that is in this website?.. not the colored 1, then plain 1

    1. hello, I have been searching for this particular chair for some time, it never occurred to me to search online but I did I did,, these chair aren’t advertised too often if at all, but I am wondering whats the price of them or just one for starters, thank you for reading my inquiry 🙂

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