Seven Months

May 15, 2013

cooper 7 months copy

I think his seven month photo explains my sweet baby more than I could ever explain his personality to you. He’s super happy and curious and a bit of a stinker and 100% boy.

This month like all the ones before have gone incredibly fast but as the months go on things are getting a bit easier. Sleep is the biggest plus this month and it seems that Cooper has fallen into a really good sleep pattern where he takes 3 naps per day and goes to bed around 8:30 and wakes up usually once to be nursed and will go right back to sleep.

cooper 1-3

He’s a bit more mobile this month and gets around by doing a series of rolling over to get where he wants. He is also the master at sitting up. We’ve retired the bumbo seat and he’s sitting in his high chair now at dinner time.

He is fascinated with cell phones, remote controls or anything any of us may be holding. He drinks water from a sippy cup during lunch and dinner time and is starting to get pretty good at it.

4-6 months

Speaking of lunch and dinner he’s tried a wide variety of foods but I think his favorite may be prunes but really there hasn’t been anything he’s hated and is eating more and more each day and I plan on adding breakfast into the routine this month.

He finally got his first tooth this month (bottom one) and it’s brought great relief for the time being. Another thing he loves to do is give big kisses I mean suck on your face and give mommy a hicky on her chin kind of kisses!

cooper flower

At his 6 months check up he was a whopping 17 pounds and he is wearing 6-12 month clothes. He is in the 64th% for his age. He took his immunization like a trooper and didn’t even cry a single tear.

The kid has us all wrapped around his little finger and knows it and has mastered the fake cry to a perfection. I’m so looking forward to many walks to the park and swinging him on the swings which we’ve started to do!

I can’t wait to spend time with him and Sloan this summer!!

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