Even Easier than the Bundt Cake Planter

May 24, 2013

bundt cake close up

Clever title eh!?  Anyways… yesterday I posted about the planter I made for our back porch.  Well, I had some left over flowers and there was no way I was throwing them out so I had to find a container to put them in.  Most of the planters I own are green and since we’re not doing green in the backyard the only option I could come up was an old black plastic pot I found in the corner of my gardening shed.


This was super easy and a total no brainer.  (My type of project!)  I simply taped off the planter with blue painter’s tape and spray painted the top lip of the container with metallic gold spray paint for plastic.

container finished

Doesn’t get any easier right and since I had all the materials it was a free project too!

Have a great long weekend!!!


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