The Ceramic Owl is Scary No More!

May 28, 2013

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My daughter and her godfather have a Christmas tradition to try and out do the other one with the ugliest gift.  This year my daughter received this ugly ceramic owl with scary creepy eyes!

owl, before, small, garden

Never one to throw away any sort of ceramic animal, I did the easiest and most predictable thing I could think of.  I sprayed it with spray paint.  Gold spray paint.  He’s tiny and I think he might be for out in the garden but he ended up looking fabulous in my daughter’s room on her new side table.

ikea rast, gold owl, ikea hack, ikea rast hack

Sloan loves that she can show her godfather that her owl was anything but ugly because that means she wins!  Crazy how a teenager likes to win right?

Like I always say interior design doesn’t have to be a huge project it can be as easy as getting out a can of spray paint you already own and giving something you have laying around a new look!  I promise the little things have a way of adding up!!


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