Eight Months

June 17, 2013

This weekend was a super busy one, we celebrated Sloan’s birthday and mine, Father’s Day and this little babe turned 8 months old!

cooper 4

Cooper is having so much fun this summer!  He’s been swimming in his own little pool last week (loved it)!  He’s soooo close to crawling but still manages to get to where he needs to go by rolling.  I think next month will be the month my life gets busy chasing him down!

He is curious about everything, I mean everything!  He wants to touch and hold and destroy everything and that includes putting it in his mouth and trying to eat it.  He’s eating 3 meals a day now and has started to eat real food like mushed up peas and watermelon and wheat toast.  The boy likes to eat!

1-3 months old

(One – Three Months)

He’s talking to us alot more but when he’s around new people he gets super quiet.  He readily goes to them but doesn’t show too much emotion about it and occasionally will look at me as to say, is this person ok mom?  Smiles are sometimes hard to get when new people meet him for the first time but snuggles are easily given.

4-5 months

(Four – Five Months)

He’s wearing  6 – 9 month old clothes but is happiest only in his diaper.  He’s outgrown his bassinet I used in the kitchen but we’ve added a jumper that is attached to the door,  which he loves being in.  He’s sleeping through the night and taking 2 good naps, but we did have a few rough nights this month because I think he’s getting his top 2 teeth.

6-7 months

(Six – Seven Months)

Now that Sloan is done with school for the summer, the two of them have become pretty much joined at Sloan’s hip!  She’s been a big help and I love that she enjoys spending so much time with him.

cooper 5

I cannot wait to see what this next month brings!  I love this little pumpkin so much!!!

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