Patio Furniture {Making the Old Look New Again}

June 19, 2013

laurie jones home

I’ve mentioned in previous posts that our backyard is a work in progress.  It’s a pretty big yard and in order to get it to look the way we ultimately want it to look  it has to be done in (many) stages.  I think it’s important for you all to know I’m no different than anyone else, there is no endless budget and there are always concessions to be made.  This year it was not being able to afford new outdoor furniture.

This is what the back patio looked like last year.

world market furniture

Don’t get me wrong I was happy with it and it was my style at the time but I don’t think it was totally my husband’s style and my style is also changing (yea shocker!)

Also the furniture doesn’t seem to be standing the test of time and started to look like this by the end of last year. This has cause concern and we are all taking turns window shopping on this site, we report to each other and see what we think. Hopefully we get the best piece for everyone.


No matter how much I oiled it, it just wasn’t aging well.  Replacing it wasn’t in the budget so my obvious choice would have to do.  PAINT!

back yard patio

I’m going to hold off on showing you the other half for another post but there are lots of photos of the table to share!

First off the paint I used was Behr Premium Plus Ultra from Lowes which is an outdoor satin primer/paint in one and seriously no joke this paint was the best.  I don’t have a lot of time these days and I swear to you I only had to put one coat on the furniture with just a few touch ups, that seriously never happens!

The colors I used were Spice and Broadway by Behr.

painted outdoor furniture

To set the table I didn’t buy a thing, it was all things I had around the house already.  The dishes are from the Dollar Store…yep.  We keep them in our bar area in the basement.

close up of table

The bottle of port was a gift from a friend that I turned into a working lantern by just buying a wick and small hurricane.   The white lantern is from ZGallerie that was originally bright white and I sprayed it off white.


I love using flowers from the yard and individual ones near each place setting are even better!


I also love flowers that don’t look arranged, the sloppier the better!  The napkins are paper left over from Sloan’s birthday party.  (Told you I spent no money.)

laurie jones home

We broke in the new look last weekend and it was a hit!  I’m hoping to spend a lot more time out here this summer!

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