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July 1, 2013

christmas lights

Our back yard is pretty big and unfortunately when we bought the house nothing was done back there and because it’s a new house only one tree was planted, so lots of nothing.  Our goal starting next year is to invest in one large tree a year for a few years to get some more shade and make the space more cozy.

I’ve shared with you the eating area and the sitting area and today I’m sharing one of the multiple sitting areas we have in the back yard.

bocce ballscorecard

Since my husband put in a bocce ball court we decided to put in multiple sitting areas for friends and family to sit at during game times.  This is one of my favorite spots, under our one and only tree.I wondered How to make a tire swin?, but i rather leave it as it is


Before the pea gravel was put down my husband ran wire so we could string lights on the tree and the cord would be hidden.  We’ve had the metal furniture forever and a day but after watching our wood furniture fall apart I’m growing to like it a little more!

christmas lights

I love how much the Christmas lights helped light up the area!

sitting area outdoor

I think regardless how big your back yard is having multiple areas for guest to sit is the way to go, it’s nice giving people options and helps the people in the party to mingle more!

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